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Information about Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Detailed information about Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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Flights from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
EK9906 Amsterdam — Dubai mon, sun 21:00 05:50 6h 50m Emirates from $123 search
KL1007 Amsterdam — London mon, tue, sat, sun 08:40 09:00 1h 20m KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from $19 search
HV6861 Amsterdam — Athens fri 17:35 21:50 3h 15m Transavia Holland from $49 search
U27953 Amsterdam — Palma Mallorca mon 12:35 15:05 2h 30m easyJet from $31 search
HV6003 Amsterdam — Porto sun 17:45 19:30 2h 45m Transavia Holland from $34 search
EW7181 Amsterdam — Hamburg mon 12:00 13:10 1h 10m Eurowings from $41 search
HV5077 Amsterdam — Rhodes sun 15:50 20:30 3h 40m Transavia Holland from $71 search
EY914 Amsterdam — Abu Dhabi tue, wed 18:15 03:00 6h 45m Etihad Airways from $119 search
KL705 Amsterdam — Rio De Janeiro mon, wed, thu, sat 09:20 21:45 17h 25m KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from $283 search
OR217 Amsterdam — Zakinthos mon 05:05 09:05 3h 0m Arkefly from $115 search

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Flights to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
QT4047 Miami — Amsterdam wed 00:30 15:15 8h 45m TAMPA from $149 search
MP7342 Miami — Amsterdam sat 01:40 21:35 13h 55m KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from $149 search
TB7088 Casablanca — Amsterdam thu 20:00 00:25 3h 25m TUI fly Belgium from $75 search
BA434 London — Amsterdam mon, tue, wed, sat, sun 11:45 14:05 1h 20m British Airways from $24 search
KL884 Seoul — Amsterdam mon, fri 17:15 21:35 11h 20m KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from $373 search
HV5216 Catania — Amsterdam sun 11:00 14:10 3h 10m Transavia Holland from $50 search
HV5618 Bari — Amsterdam mon 09:40 12:20 2h 40m Transavia Holland from $43 search
KL946 Dublin — Amsterdam daily 10:55 13:35 1h 40m KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from $17 search
VK8419 Puerto del Rosario — Amsterdam sat 16:30 21:55 4h 25m LEVEL from $70 search
CK217 Shanghai — Amsterdam tue 00:30 09:40 15h 10m China Cargo Airlines from $268 search

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