Map of aircraft flights online in real-time

Map of aircraft flights online in real-time


How do I know which aircraft is flying in the sky?

To find out detailed information about the aircraft in flight, click on the yellow aircraft icon on the map and a window will appear on the right-hand side with flight details:

  • Aircraft photo, type, serial number
  • Time and point of departure
  • Time and destination
  • Flight altitude and speed

How can I find out online where the plane is flying by flight number?

To find out where the plane is flying, click on the flightradar24 logo in the upper right corner and in the interface that appears, enter the flight number in the Search field. On the map, the flight you are looking for is highlighted with a red icon and flight details appear, as in the previous instruction.

Flightradar24 is a website that provides real-time tracking of flights around the world. With its powerful technology and user-friendly interface, the website allows users to track flights in real-time and view detailed information such as flight routes, flight numbers, aircraft types, and flight statuses. The website also features an interactive map that displays the location of flights in real-time, as well as historical flight data for users to view past flights. Users can also search for flights by airline, flight number, or route, and even track their flights. The website also offers premium features such as flight alerts, filters, and more detailed information about the flight. Flightradar24 is a great resource for aviation enthusiasts, travellers, and anyone who wants to stay informed about the flight. It is a unique platform that gives you a bird's eye view of the flights in the world

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