Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR): information on flights and special offers

Information about Newark Liberty International Airport

Detailed information about Newark Liberty International Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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UTC: -4

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Flights from Newark Liberty International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
C28307 New York — Middletown fri 04:00 05:01 1h 1m Mountain Air Cargo from $131 search
UA1032 New York — Tampa daily 15:05 17:53 2h 48m United Airlines from $30 search
FX835 New York — Memphis thu 09:30 11:05 2h 35m Federal Express from $53 search
M6881 New York — Orlando sat 11:35 14:20 2h 45m Amerijet International from $24 search
UA4399 New York — Richmond thu 18:20 19:41 1h 21m United Airlines from $69 search
5X208 New York — Louisville mon 07:55 11:56 4h 1m United Parcel Service from $114 search
AS773 New York — San Diego mon, tue, thu, fri, sun 17:55 20:57 6h 2m Alaska Airlines from $94 search
UA14 New York — London daily 19:15 07:10 6h 55m United Airlines from $106 search
UA3695 New York — Portland mon, thu, fri, sat, sun 15:05 16:20 1h 15m United Airlines from $28 search
DL474 New York — Salt Lake City mon, thu, fri, sun 17:58 21:15 5h 17m Delta Air Lines from $94 search

Schedules of all flights

Flights to Newark Liberty International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
FX721 Memphis — New York fri 15:05 19:59 3h 54m Federal Express from $57 search
DL1255 Atlanta — New York tue 08:45 10:53 2h 8m Delta Air Lines from $54 search
FX3022 Ontario — New York wed 08:02 16:10 5h 8m Federal Express from $80 search
UA4589 Richmond — New York mon, thu, fri, sun 16:15 17:35 1h 20m United Airlines from $78 search
UA1705 Boston — New York fri, sat 06:45 08:03 1h 18m United Airlines from $20 search
B61604 Santo Domingo — New York daily 01:05 05:12 4h 7m JetBlue Airways from $134 search
UA740 Phoenix — New York mon, thu, fri, sat, sun 07:00 14:37 4h 37m United Airlines from $64 search
FX5046 Memphis — New York thu 16:00 20:02 3h 2m Federal Express from $57 search
5X208 Cologne — New York mon 01:50 03:51 8h 1m United Parcel Service from $206 search
B61204 Santo Domingo — New York daily 11:41 15:49 4h 8m JetBlue Airways from $134 search