Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD): information on flights and special offers

Information about Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport

Detailed information about Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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Flights from Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
FR3050 Madrid — Lanzarote mon 06:55 08:30 2h 35m Ryanair from $17 search
FR3056 Madrid — Menorca fri 18:20 19:55 1h 35m Ryanair from $36 search
UX1447 Madrid — Dusseldorf daily 15:10 17:45 2h 35m Air Europa from $40 search
IB6117 Madrid — Miami mon, tue 16:45 19:59 9h 14m Iberia Airlines from $188 search
D86206 Madrid — Catania tue 16:40 19:20 2h 40m Norwegian Air International from $39 search
I23696 Madrid — Palermo thu 07:40 10:10 2h 30m Iberia Express from $35 search
UX1025 Madrid — Paris thu 17:20 19:20 2h 0m Air Europa from $17 search
AV17 Madrid — Medellin thu 14:00 16:35 9h 35m Avianca - Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia from $417 search
IB8620 Madrid — Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse daily 10:05 12:15 2h 10m Iberia Airlines from $45 search
IB556 Madrid — Santander mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sun 16:05 17:10 1h 5m Iberia Airlines from $45 search

Flights to Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
FR8367 Budapest — Madrid sat 06:45 10:10 3h 25m Ryanair from $26 search
UX7406 Asturias — Madrid daily 16:45 18:05 1h 20m Air Europa from $21 search
UX1146 Porto — Madrid tue, wed, sat, sun 11:25 13:35 1h 10m Air Europa from $13 search
AT970 Casablanca — Madrid tue, thu 14:50 18:40 1h 50m Royal Air Maroc from $75 search
UX4042 Alicante — Madrid sun 12:05 13:30 1h 25m Air Europa from $35 search
TK6411 Isabel Pass — Madrid tue 10:50 13:05 3h 15m Turkish Airlines search
AM21 Mexico City — Madrid wed 23:40 16:41 10h 1m AeroMéxico from $362 search
FR6992 Milan — Madrid daily 06:45 09:10 2h 25m Ryanair from $14 search
FR5483 Porto — Madrid mon 06:40 08:55 1h 15m Ryanair from $13 search
AM1 Mexico City — Madrid wed 18:30 11:39 10h 9m AeroMéxico from $362 search

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