Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBA): information on flights and special offers

Information about Leeds Bradford International Airport

Detailed information about Leeds Bradford International Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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Leeds Bradford International Airport on the map

Flights from Leeds Bradford International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
LS367 Leeds — Pisa sat 06:00 09:35 2h 35m Jet2.com search
LS247 Leeds — Faro sun 16:15 19:25 3h 10m Jet2.com search
LS245 Leeds — Split sat 14:10 18:05 2h 55m Jet2.com search
LS195 Leeds — Prague mon 16:25 19:40 2h 15m Jet2.com from $58 search
LS259 Leeds — Kerkyra thu 07:30 13:00 3h 30m Jet2.com search
LS265 Leeds — Malaga sat 18:05 22:10 3h 5m Jet2.com search
LS277 Leeds — Thira thu 16:55 22:55 4h 0m Jet2.com search
LS263 Leeds — Ibiza tue, wed, fri, sun 16:15 20:05 2h 50m Jet2.com search
LS315 Leeds — Paris mon, thu, fri, sun 13:25 15:55 1h 30m Jet2.com from $10 search
LS431 Leeds — Budapest mon 17:10 20:55 2h 45m Jet2.com from $34 search

Schedules of all flights

Flights to Leeds Bradford International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
LS272 Alicante — Leeds mon, fri, sat, sun 11:45 13:45 3h 0m Jet2.com from $60 search
FR156 Dublin — Leeds thu 22:05 23:05 1h 0m Ryanair from $22 search
LS332 Rome — Leeds thu, sun 12:35 14:45 3h 10m Jet2.com from $36 search
LS432 Budapest — Leeds fri 19:20 21:10 2h 50m Jet2.com search
BE735 Belfast — Leeds daily 11:50 12:50 1h 0m Flybe search
LS422 Rhodes — Leeds tue, thu 23:45 02:15 4h 30m Jet2.com search
LS274 Alicante — Leeds thu 21:55 23:55 3h 0m Jet2.com from $60 search
EI3390 Dublin — Leeds tue, thu, sun 06:35 07:50 1h 15m Aer Lingus from $22 search
FR3578 Reus — Leeds wed 11:05 12:30 2h 25m Ryanair search
BY3251 Palma Mallorca — Leeds tue 12:05 13:50 2h 45m Thomsonfly search

Airports located near Leeds Bradford International Airport

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