Narita International Airport (NRT): information on flights and special offers

Information about Narita International Airport

Detailed information about Narita International Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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Flights from Narita International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
JL12 Tokyo — Dallas thu, fri, sat 11:50 08:20 11h 30m Japan Airlines Domestic from $563 search
JL407 Tokyo — Frankfurt daily 11:00 15:15 12h 15m Japan Airlines Domestic from $393 search
FW23 Tokyo — Komatsu daily 19:10 20:25 1h 15m Ibex Airlines from $76 search
MM621 Tokyo — Taipei mon, tue, wed, sun 10:00 13:25 4h 25m Peach from $8 search
IJ831 Tokyo — Sapporo fri 07:20 08:59 1h 39m Spring Airlines Japan from $33 search
MM503 Tokyo — Okinawa daily 08:55 11:55 3h 0m Peach from $36 search
JL3087 Tokyo — Nagoya daily 18:30 19:50 1h 20m Japan Airlines Domestic from $62 search
GK211 Tokyo — Osaka daily 20:40 22:15 1h 35m Jetstar Japan from $31 search
BC867 Tokyo — Nagoya daily 21:25 22:40 1h 15m Skymark Airlines from $62 search
GK635 Tokyo — Miyazaki sun 15:15 17:20 2h 5m Jetstar Japan from $51 search

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Flights to Narita International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
PO958 Cincinnati — Tokyo sun 17:05 19:45 13h 40m Atlas Air from $835 search
NH804 Singapore — Tokyo sun 00:35 08:45 7h 10m All Nippon Airways from $120 search
PO935 Shenzhen — Tokyo sun 05:30 10:25 3h 55m Polar Air Cargo from $122 search
JL802 Taipei — Tokyo daily 10:00 14:00 3h 0m Japan Airlines Domestic from $57 search
MM508 Okinawa — Tokyo mon, tue, sun 16:20 19:05 2h 45m Peach from $36 search
CX520 Hong Kong — Tokyo mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 11:45 16:50 4h 5m Cathay Pacific from $43 search
BC816 Saipan — Tokyo sat 17:05 20:00 3h 55m Skymark Airlines from $317 search
TR874 Taipei — Tokyo wed 14:45 19:00 3h 15m Tiger Airways from $57 search
QF79 Cairns — Tokyo sun 14:00 20:35 7h 35m Qantas from $228 search
GK108 Sapporo — Tokyo sun 14:20 15:55 1h 35m Jetstar Japan from $35 search

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