Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN): information on flights and special offers

Information about Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Detailed information about Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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Flights from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
CZ3411 Guangzhou — Chongqing daily 12:30 14:45 2h 15m China Southern Airlines from $77 search
HU7151 Guangzhou — Shanghai wed 09:20 11:30 2h 10m Hainan Airlines from $80 search
MF8386 Guangzhou — Jinjiang daily 12:35 13:55 1h 20m Xiamen Airlines from $67 search
LY60 Guangzhou — Tel Aviv-Yafo fri 02:15 07:50 11h 35m El Al Israel Airlines from $386 search
QD6703 Guangzhou — Phnom Penh fri 05:00 07:10 3h 10m JC Airlines from $74 search
CA4304 Guangzhou — Chengdu daily 20:40 23:15 2h 35m Air China from $72 search
CZ6378 Guangzhou — Changchun tue, thu, sat 07:50 11:40 3h 50m China Southern Airlines from $125 search
CZ6611 Guangzhou — Zhengzhou daily 07:30 09:55 2h 25m China Southern Airlines from $73 search
CZ6467 Guangzhou — Xining daily 15:55 19:20 3h 25m China Southern Airlines from $157 search
3U8742 Guangzhou — Chengdu daily 10:30 13:15 2h 45m Sichuan Airlines from $72 search

Schedules of all flights

Flights to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
CZ458 Amsterdam — Guangzhou thu, fri, sat, sun 11:00 05:05 11h 5m China Southern Airlines from $350 search
MF8385 Jinjiang — Guangzhou daily 09:30 11:15 1h 45m Xiamen Airlines from $61 search
CZ3878 Fuzhou — Guangzhou daily 17:25 19:10 1h 45m China Southern Airlines from $88 search
HU7230 Shijiazhuang — Guangzhou wed 15:00 18:10 3h 10m Hainan Airlines from $85 search
HU7206 Bagan — Guangzhou tue, thu, sat 18:05 23:20 3h 45m Hainan Airlines search
CZ3070 Ho Chi Minh City — Guangzhou sun 12:25 16:10 2h 45m China Southern Airlines from $62 search
CZ3412 Chongqing — Guangzhou daily 16:05 18:05 2h 0m China Southern Airlines from $50 search
CZ3942 Bijie — Guangzhou daily 16:55 18:45 1h 50m China Southern Airlines search
CA4319 Chongqing — Guangzhou daily 07:20 09:25 2h 5m Air China from $50 search
MU5741 Kunming — Guangzhou mon 19:05 21:05 2h 0m China Eastern Airlines from $58 search

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