Zhukovsky International Airport (ZIA): information on flights and special offers

Information about Zhukovsky International Airport

Detailed information about Zhukovsky International Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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UTC: 3

Zhukovsky International Airport on the map

Flights from Zhukovsky International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
WZ121 Moscow — Adler/Sochi sat 02:15 06:00 3h 45m Red Wings from $32 search
U68445 Moscow — Dushanbe daily 11:10 17:10 4h 0m Ural Airlines from $729 search
Y87422 Moscow — Chengdu mon 16:00 05:55 8h 55m Suparna Airlines from $210 search
WZ3077 Moscow — Hambantota tue 02:25 13:15 8h 20m Red Wings from $172 search
WZ3087 Moscow — Phuket sat 02:55 16:00 9h 5m Red Wings from $165 search
WZ3023 Moscow — Hurghada wed 15:55 21:05 6h 10m Red Wings from $349 search
GJ8952 Moscow — Hangzhou daily 09:45 17:15 2h 30m Loong Air from $203 search
U62431 Moscow — Kulyab daily 23:05 05:20 4h 15m Ural Airlines from $53 search
WZ4339 Moscow — Yerevan tue 09:10 13:55 3h 45m Red Wings from $45 search
U62429 Moscow — Khujand daily 11:30 17:25 3h 55m Ural Airlines from $80 search

Schedules of all flights

Flights to Zhukovsky International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
7R188 Naryan-Mar — Moscow mon 10:40 13:20 2h 40m Rusline from $67 search
SZ231 Dushanbe — Moscow tue 20:50 23:20 4h 30m Somon Air from $150 search
WZ3098 Phuket — Moscow mon 10:30 16:20 9h 50m Red Wings from $390 search
WZ126 Adler/Sochi — Moscow fri 00:25 04:05 3h 40m Red Wings from $52 search
WZ4340 Yerevan — Moscow fri, sat 21:50 00:10 3h 20m Red Wings from $63 search
U62448 Osh — Moscow tue, wed, fri, sat, sun 05:25 07:00 4h 35m Ural Airlines from $139 search
GJ8951 Hangzhou — Moscow mon, tue, sun 21:50 19:40 2h 50m Loong Air from $276 search
SZ231 Dushanbe — Moscow sat 21:30 00:10 4h 40m Somon Air from $150 search
WZ246 Makhachkala — Moscow sun 15:40 18:40 3h 0m Red Wings from $47 search
U62456 Bishkek — Moscow daily 17:20 18:55 4h 35m Ural Airlines from $128 search

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Airlines flying to Zhukovsky International Airport

List of all airlines that fly to Zhukovsky International Airport:

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