Afonso Pena International Airport (CWB): information on flights and special offers

Information about Afonso Pena International Airport

Detailed information about Afonso Pena International Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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UTC: -3

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Flights from Afonso Pena International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
G31757 Curitiba — Brasilia mon, wed, thu, sun 18:10 20:05 1h 55m Gol Transportes Aéreos from $37 search
AD9000 Curitiba — Sao Paulo mon 20:55 22:20 1h 25m Azul from $26 search
CV7604 Curitiba — Latacunga fri 11:00 13:30 4h 30m Cargolux search
G34009 Curitiba — Sao Paulo tue, wed, fri, sun 16:05 17:15 1h 10m Gol Transportes Aéreos from $26 search
LA3441 Curitiba — Sao Paulo wed 04:05 05:00 55m LAN Airlines from $26 search
G33651 Curitiba — Paranagua mon, wed, thu, fri 09:10 09:35 25m Gol Transportes Aéreos search
AD5714 Curitiba — Cascavel wed 22:05 23:35 1h 30m Azul from $50 search
LA3012 Curitiba — Sao Paulo mon, tue 17:15 18:15 1h 0m LAN Airlines from $26 search
AD4248 Curitiba — Sao Paulo wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 17:55 19:05 1h 10m Azul from $26 search
QT842 Curitiba — Sao Paulo thu, sun 18:15 19:30 1h 15m TAMPA from $26 search

Schedules of all flights

Flights to Afonso Pena International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
AD2874 Porto Alegre — Curitiba daily 11:05 12:20 1h 15m Azul from $34 search
ZP890 Asuncion — Curitiba thu 10:10 12:40 1h 30m Silk Way Airlines from $326 search
AD2618 Iguassu Falls — Curitiba mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 06:00 07:35 1h 35m Azul from $37 search
AD2723 Toledo — Curitiba mon, wed, sun 10:30 11:55 1h 25m Azul search
QT843 Miami — Curitiba thu, sun 05:45 17:00 10h 15m TAMPA from $519 search
G31122 Sao Paulo — Curitiba mon, tue, wed, thu 10:30 11:35 1h 5m Gol Transportes Aéreos from $22 search
AD4161 Porto Alegre — Curitiba mon, tue, wed, sun 05:30 06:40 1h 10m Azul from $34 search
CV7613 Sao Paulo — Curitiba wed 06:20 07:55 1h 35m Cargolux from $22 search
G31138 Sao Paulo — Curitiba daily 12:20 13:20 1h 0m Gol Transportes Aéreos from $22 search
QT4055 Miami — Curitiba sun 05:30 15:45 9h 15m TAMPA from $519 search

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