Conakry Airport (CKY): information on flights and special offers

Information about Conakry Airport

Detailed information about Conakry Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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Flights from Conakry Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
KP15 Conakry — Lome wed, fri, sun 08:20 10:55 2h 35m Asky Airlines from $533 search
KP15 Conakry — Abidjan sun 07:00 09:15 2h 15m Asky Airlines from $247 search
R23032 Conakry — Ndiass wed, sat 11:00 12:15 1h 15m Transair search
AF769 Conakry — Nouakchott mon, wed, fri, sun 20:35 22:25 1h 50m Air France from $215 search
R21132 Conakry — Ndiass mon 13:15 14:30 1h 15m Transair search
AF593 Conakry — Ndiass tue, wed, sat, sun 22:50 05:10 6h 20m Air France search
HF721 Conakry — Abidjan wed 16:40 18:40 2h 0m Air Cote d'Ivoire from $247 search
SN224 Conakry — Banjul tue, sat 19:55 21:10 1h 15m Brussels Airlines from $190 search
TU841 Conakry — Ndiass tue, thu, sat 20:50 22:10 1h 20m Tunisair search
EK795 Conakry — Ndiass tue, thu, fri, sun 15:20 16:40 1h 20m Emirates search

Schedules of all flights

Flights to Conakry Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
ET935 Abidjan — Conakry tue, thu, fri 14:50 16:40 1h 50m Ethiopian Airlines from $244 search
HF729 Monrovia — Conakry thu, sun 15:00 16:10 1h 10m Air Cote d'Ivoire from $392 search
L6104 Ndiass — Conakry wed, fri 11:35 12:55 1h 20m Mauritania Airlines International search
W21382 Ndiass — Conakry wed, sat 09:00 10:15 1h 15m Flexflight search
KP51 Ndiass — Conakry sun 06:50 08:15 1h 25m Asky Airlines search
SN223 Banjul — Conakry tue, sat 17:30 18:45 1h 15m Brussels Airlines from $172 search
KP14 Bamako — Conakry tue, thu, sat 16:20 17:50 1h 30m Asky Airlines from $252 search
ET933 Ouagadougou — Conakry wed, sun 14:35 16:45 2h 10m Ethiopian Airlines from $377 search
AF768 Nouakchott — Conakry mon, wed, fri, sun 16:25 18:15 1h 50m Air France from $260 search
SN205 Ndiass — Conakry thu, sat 17:15 18:40 1h 25m Brussels Airlines search

Airports located near Conakry Airport

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