Mitiga, Tripoli Airport (MJI): information on flights and special offers

Information about Mitiga, Tripoli Airport

Detailed information about Mitiga, Tripoli Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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Mitiga, Tripoli Airport on the map

Flights from Mitiga, Tripoli Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
LN202 Tripoli — Cairo sat 17:30 20:15 2h 45m Libyan Airlines from $187 search
MT502 Tripoli — Istanbul wed 16:23 19:58 2h 35m Malta MedAir from $191 search
LN210 Tripoli — Alexandria thu, sat 11:30 14:00 2h 30m Libyan Airlines search
NB234 Tripoli — Benghazi mon, wed, thu, fri, sat 18:15 19:25 1h 10m Berniq Airways search
YI570 Tripoli — Dubai sun 23:22 06:18 4h 56m Fly Oya from $312 search
8U970 Tripoli — Istanbul thu 12:00 16:30 3h 30m Afriqiyah Airways from $191 search
BM522 Tripoli — Rome wed 09:00 09:43 1h 43m Medsky Airways from $183 search
UZ115 Tripoli — Istanbul wed 08:30 13:00 3h 30m Buraq Air from $191 search
NB1511 Tripoli — Jeddah mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 07:20 12:20 4h 0m Berniq Airways from $297 search
BM311 Tripoli — Malta thu 15:00 14:43 43m Medsky Airways from $245 search

Schedules of all flights

Flights to Mitiga, Tripoli Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
LN303 Tunis — Tripoli tue 12:24 14:24 59m Libyan Airlines from $99 search
8U437 Alexandria — Tripoli sun 14:40 17:10 2h 30m Afriqiyah Airways from $186 search
NB251 Beida — Tripoli wed, sun 13:30 15:00 1h 30m Berniq Airways search
8U431 Cairo — Tripoli sat 12:40 15:50 3h 10m Afriqiyah Airways from $234 search
8U205 Benghazi — Tripoli fri 19:00 20:10 1h 10m Afriqiyah Airways search
NB235 Benghazi — Tripoli mon, tue, sun 21:00 22:15 1h 15m Berniq Airways search
NB462 Cairo — Tripoli sun 14:50 17:45 2h 55m Berniq Airways from $234 search
BM523 Rome — Tripoli wed 10:50 13:26 1h 36m Medsky Airways from $254 search
LN211 Alexandria — Tripoli thu 06:01 08:18 2h 17m Libyan Airlines from $186 search
NB235 Benghazi — Tripoli fri 02:15 03:30 1h 15m Berniq Airways search

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