Lhasa Gonggar Airport (LXA): information on flights and special offers

Information about Lhasa Gonggar Airport

Detailed information about Lhasa Gonggar Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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UTC: 8

Lhasa Gonggar Airport on the map

Flights from Lhasa Gonggar Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
3U8634 Lhasa — Chongqing mon, fri, sun 12:25 15:00 2h 35m Sichuan Airlines from $309 search
EU2761 Lhasa — Zhengzhou daily 11:15 14:35 3h 20m Chengdu Airlines from $165 search
PN6392 Lhasa — Chongqing tue, sat 17:40 20:30 2h 50m West Air from $309 search
TV6052 Lhasa — Xian tue, thu, sat 10:55 13:40 2h 45m Tibet Airlines from $222 search
3U3017 Lhasa — Mian Yang daily 10:50 12:55 2h 5m Sichuan Airlines search
CZ3464 Lhasa — Chongqing mon, wed, fri, sun 15:30 18:00 2h 30m China Southern Airlines from $309 search
TV9846 Lhasa — Chengdu daily 20:30 22:25 1h 55m Tibet Airlines from $197 search
OQ2204 Lhasa — Wanxian tue, thu, sat 16:50 19:20 2h 30m Chongqing Airlines search
TV9844 Lhasa — Chongqing wed, sat 20:50 23:25 2h 35m Tibet Airlines from $309 search
TV9849 Lhasa — Bangda thu, sat 08:25 09:40 1h 15m Tibet Airlines search

Schedules of all flights

Flights to Lhasa Gonggar Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
3U6631 Chengdu — Lhasa wed 08:01 10:25 2h 24m Sichuan Airlines from $193 search
TV6051 Xian — Lhasa wed, sun 08:55 12:30 3h 35m Tibet Airlines from $156 search
3U3453 Xining — Lhasa tue, thu, sat 12:10 14:30 2h 20m Sichuan Airlines from $488 search
TV9828 Yibin — Lhasa mon, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 22:00 00:20 2h 20m Tibet Airlines search
PN6271 Chongqing — Lhasa daily 12:05 15:05 3h 0m West Air from $100 search
CZ3463 Chongqing — Lhasa daily 11:40 14:35 2h 55m China Southern Airlines from $100 search
3U3253 Xian — Lhasa mon, wed, fri, sun 08:25 11:35 3h 10m Sichuan Airlines from $156 search
8L9643 Chengdu — Lhasa daily 14:45 17:25 2h 40m Lucky Air from $193 search
CA2537 Chengdu — Lhasa tue 10:15 12:55 2h 40m Air China from $193 search
TV9823 Chengdu — Lhasa daily 09:50 12:15 2h 25m Tibet Airlines from $193 search

Airports located near Lhasa Gonggar Airport

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