Toussaint Louverture International Airport (PAP): information on flights and special offers

Information about Toussaint Louverture International Airport

Detailed information about Toussaint Louverture International Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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UTC: -4

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Flights from Toussaint Louverture International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
S614 Port Au Prince — Cap Haitien fri 12:30 13:10 40m Sunrise Airways from $97 search
II704 Port Au Prince — Miami sat 17:30 20:34 3h 4m IBC Airways from $136 search
TX556 Port Au Prince — Santo Domingo tue 15:20 17:20 1h 0m Air Caraïbes from $178 search
NK952 Port Au Prince — Fort Lauderdale thu 10:00 12:05 2h 5m Spirit Airlines from $127 search
CM203 Port Au Prince — Panama City tue, wed, thu, sat 12:09 14:41 2h 32m Copa Airlines from $228 search
B61834 Port Au Prince — New York tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 12:03 16:00 3h 57m JetBlue Airways from $147 search
N578KA Port Au Prince — Miami tue 17:15 20:02 2h 47m Nolinor Aviation from $136 search
B61148 Port Au Prince — Boston tue, sat 13:30 17:50 4h 20m JetBlue Airways from $209 search
II702 Port Au Prince — Miami fri 17:00 20:35 3h 35m IBC Airways from $136 search
WM812 Port Au Prince — Sint Maarten thu, sat 12:15 15:45 2h 30m Winair from $167 search

Schedules of all flights

Flights to Toussaint Louverture International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
9Q601 Providenciales — Port Au Prince sun 12:00 13:15 1h 15m Caicos Express Airways from $196 search
M6815 Miami — Port Au Prince mon 12:30 14:11 1h 41m Amerijet International from $74 search
M6849 Miami — Port Au Prince thu 15:00 18:00 3h 0m Amerijet International from $74 search
NK951 Fort Lauderdale — Port Au Prince mon, thu, fri, sat, sun 07:20 09:23 2h 3m Spirit Airlines from $65 search
WM809 Sint Maarten — Port Au Prince thu, sat 09:45 12:15 3h 30m Winair from $226 search
S6301 Santiago — Port Au Prince mon, sun 16:35 17:50 1h 15m Sunrise Airways from $231 search
AF618 Abymes — Port Au Prince wed, fri, sun 16:35 17:35 2h 0m Air France from $323 search
S6303 Camaguey — Port Au Prince mon, wed, thu, sun 12:00 13:30 1h 30m Sunrise Airways from $411 search
II701 Miami — Port Au Prince mon 08:30 11:19 2h 49m IBC Airways from $74 search
II701 Miami — Port Au Prince tue 10:00 12:52 2h 52m IBC Airways from $74 search

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