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Information about Lakefront Airport

Detailed information about Lakefront Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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Flights from Lakefront Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
N94MQ New Orleans — Destin sun 07:30 08:43 1h 13m Novair from $199 search
N809DM New Orleans — Lafayette fri 09:00 09:56 56m National Airlines N8 from $473 search
N227NS New Orleans — St Petersburg sun 10:15 13:30 2h 15m Private owner search
N86GA New Orleans — Mobile tue 08:30 09:12 42m National Airlines N8 from $244 search
1I433 New Orleans — Gulf Shores sun 15:42 16:24 42m NetJets search
N4939C New Orleans — Tullahoma fri 10:00 12:56 2h 56m NordWind Airlines search
N511CD New Orleans — Conroe mon 18:00 19:56 1h 56m Nolinor Aviation search
N812DP New Orleans — Jonesboro tue 12:30 14:26 1h 56m National Airlines N8 search
1I423 New Orleans — Austin fri 06:30 07:54 1h 24m NetJets from $44 search
N310PH New Orleans — Little Rock thu 12:00 13:53 1h 53m Private owner from $134 search

Schedules of all flights

Flights to Lakefront Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
N786TT Tampa — New Orleans fri 14:00 14:48 1h 48m Private owner from $50 search
N310PH Fort Smith — New Orleans thu 09:30 11:55 2h 25m Private owner search
N531MA Hickory — New Orleans fri 12:30 14:10 2h 40m Nolinor Aviation search
N86GA Mobile — New Orleans fri 16:00 16:39 39m National Airlines N8 from $536 search
N483SB Lakeland — New Orleans mon 11:45 13:06 2h 21m NordWind Airlines search
N848MD Baton Rouge — New Orleans tue 10:45 11:24 39m National Airlines N8 from $229 search
N426PA Mobile — New Orleans sat 13:35 14:47 1h 12m NordWind Airlines from $536 search
N210MY Bartow — New Orleans fri 14:10 16:25 3h 15m Private owner search
N771HE Jonesboro — New Orleans mon 05:00 07:24 2h 24m Private owner search
N786HC Olive Branch — New Orleans fri 14:00 15:26 1h 26m Private owner search