Kalamata Airport (KLX): information on flights and special offers

Information about Kalamata Airport

Detailed information about Kalamata Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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Local time:

UTC: 3

Kalamata Airport on the map

Flights from Kalamata Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
DE1699 Kalamata — Dusseldorf mon 20:30 22:40 3h 10m Condor Flugdienst search
BA645 Kalamata — London thu 17:55 19:35 3h 40m British Airways search
WK325 Kalamata — Zurich tue 15:55 17:35 2h 40m Edelweiss Air search
OS9044 Kalamata — Vienna sun 14:30 15:40 2h 10m Austrian Airlines from $33 search
EW9669 Kalamata — Dusseldorf sun 11:40 14:05 3h 25m Eurowings search
DE1667 Kalamata — Munich mon 10:55 12:25 2h 30m Condor Flugdienst search
FR6081 Kalamata — London sat 13:10 14:50 3h 40m Ryanair search
FR6617 Kalamata — Milan mon 09:55 11:15 2h 20m Ryanair search
WK325 Kalamata — Zurich fri 15:40 17:15 2h 35m Edelweiss Air search
U26536 Kalamata — London fri 13:10 15:00 3h 50m easyJet search

Schedules of all flights

Flights to Kalamata Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
OS9043 Vienna — Kalamata sun 10:20 13:30 2h 10m Austrian Airlines search
FR493 Pisa — Kalamata mon 12:30 15:35 2h 5m Ryanair search
LS1661 London — Kalamata sun 07:45 13:20 3h 35m Jet2.com search
U26535 London — Kalamata fri 06:35 12:20 3h 45m easyJet search
FR493 Pisa — Kalamata thu 06:25 09:30 2h 5m Ryanair search
DE1698 Dusseldorf — Kalamata fri 05:50 10:00 3h 10m Condor Flugdienst search
FR6086 Milan — Kalamata sat 06:35 09:50 2h 15m Ryanair search
OS9043 Vienna — Kalamata wed 11:30 14:40 2h 10m Austrian Airlines search
OA84 Thessaloniki — Kalamata fri 20:30 21:50 1h 20m Olympic Airlines search
LX2358 Geneva — Kalamata fri 11:55 15:35 2h 40m Swiss International Air Lines search

Airports located near Kalamata Airport

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