Cam Ranh International Airport (CXR): information on flights and special offers

Information about Cam Ranh International Airport

Detailed information about Cam Ranh International Airport: location, flight schedules, information about special offers and prices.

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Cam Ranh International Airport on the map

Flights from Cam Ranh International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
VJ5176 Nha Trang — Shenyang thu 13:40 20:15 5h 35m VietJet Air search
UO567 Nha Trang — Hong Kong mon, wed, thu, sun 17:30 20:50 2h 20m HK express from $61 search
LJ74 Nha Trang — Seoul daily 00:20 07:35 5h 15m Jin Air from $135 search
VJ5304 Nha Trang — Ningbo sun 13:10 17:40 3h 30m VietJet Air from $924 search
LJ54 Nha Trang — Seoul daily 00:35 07:45 5h 10m Jin Air from $135 search
VN494 Nha Trang — Changzhou tue, thu, sat 13:40 18:25 3h 45m Vietnam Airlines search
VJ732 Nha Trang — Haiphong mon, tue, thu, sat, sun 13:15 15:00 1h 45m VietJet Air from $63 search
VN6203 Nha Trang — Ho Chi Minh City tue, fri, sun 05:40 06:45 1h 5m Vietnam Airlines from $25 search
VU224 Nha Trang — Hanoi mon, fri, sun 14:30 16:25 1h 55m Vietravel Airlines from $29 search
VN1552 Nha Trang — Hanoi daily 12:35 14:35 2h 0m Vietnam Airlines from $29 search

Schedules of all flights

Flights to Cam Ranh International Airport

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
QH9541 Taipei — Nha Trang fri, sun 08:10 10:40 3h 30m Bamboo Airways from $76 search
QH1413 Hanoi — Nha Trang fri 06:35 09:15 2h 40m Bamboo Airways from $29 search
VN1350 Ho Chi Minh City — Nha Trang daily 11:20 12:35 1h 15m Vietnam Airlines from $25 search
VN1947 Da Nang — Nha Trang daily 07:10 08:25 1h 15m Vietnam Airlines from $51 search
VJ606 Ho Chi Minh City — Nha Trang thu, fri 14:00 15:10 1h 10m VietJet Air from $25 search
VJ5403 Nantong — Nha Trang fri 16:00 19:15 4h 15m VietJet Air from $117 search
VJ1581 Da Nang — Nha Trang mon, fri, sun 19:40 20:45 1h 5m VietJet Air from $51 search
DR5045 Kunming — Nha Trang tue, thu, sat 18:05 19:40 2h 35m Ruili Airlines from $131 search
VJ773 Hanoi — Nha Trang tue 10:15 12:00 1h 45m VietJet Air from $29 search
QH9583 Macau — Nha Trang tue, thu, sat 14:30 15:40 2h 10m Bamboo Airways from $134 search

Airports located near Cam Ranh International Airport

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