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Flights from Auburn-Opelika

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
N825A Auburn — Decatur thu 12:30 13:51 1h 21m National Airlines N8 search
N72108 Auburn — Macon sat 14:15 16:20 1h 5m Private owner search
LN10UH Auburn — Birmingham wed 11:30 12:05 35m Libyan Arab Airlines search
N577AU Auburn — Fort Myers sat 13:50 18:02 3h 12m Nolinor Aviation search
N90KP Auburn — Greenville wed 08:15 10:20 1h 5m Novair search
N958HC Auburn — Macon thu 07:00 08:47 47m Novair search
N80XX Auburn — Charleston wed 06:15 08:47 1h 32m National Airlines N8 search
1I426 Auburn — Albany sun 08:24 09:54 30m NetJets search
N777BP Auburn — Rome mon 07:30 10:47 2h 17m Private owner search
N747AU Auburn — Montgomery fri 14:28 15:04 36m Private owner search

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Flights to Auburn-Opelika

Flight Flight days Departure Arrival Flight time Airlines Price
N316SB La Grange — Auburn fri 12:10 11:32 22m Private owner search
N825A Decatur — Auburn mon 11:00 11:58 58m National Airlines N8 search
N8789T Columbus — Auburn tue 15:50 15:19 29m National Airlines N8 search
LN10UH Birmingham — Auburn wed 10:00 10:44 44m Libyan Arab Airlines search
N4701A Huntsville — Auburn fri 16:00 16:58 58m NordWind Airlines search
N577AU Fort Myers — Auburn sat 08:30 10:34 3h 4m Nolinor Aviation search
N958HC Macon — Auburn thu 11:00 10:57 57m Novair search
N747AU Montgomery — Auburn fri 15:12 15:43 31m Private owner search
N8789T Montgomery — Auburn wed 14:00 14:38 38m National Airlines N8 search
N825A Decatur — Auburn thu 08:00 08:56 56m National Airlines N8 search

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