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Country: United States

The airline fleet

  • Canadair Challenger

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Sky Trek International Airlines direct flights

Hartford — Naples

Boston — Teterboro

Chicago — Hayden

Charlotte — Naples

Columbus — Hyannis

Columbia — Austin

Denver — Vail

Dallas — Teterboro

Vail — Denver

Erie — Miami

Jackson — Wichita

Lincoln — Omaha

Portland — Saginaw

San Jose — Vail

Santa Ana — Aspen

Atlanta — Decatur

Columbus — Naples

Dallas — Telluride

Key West — Naples

Lawton — Phoenix

Saginaw — Columbus

Reno — Aspen

Rochester — Akron

San Antonio — Vail

Seattle — Vail

Tokyo — Vail

Prescott — Dallas

Naples — Pensacola

Hayden — Wichita

Phoenix — Modesto

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